This will make you squeal and laugh at the same time. I know I did.
When I think of Chicken Stock ingredients,
I think… Chicken, chicken bones… Vegetables, Water, salt, pepper, herbs.. END of story.

All I can say is. Just because it says chicken.. Don’t expect to find any ‘chicken’ in the box. The trick, my dear friends is in the wording, and the word is ‘Style’. So if you see a product that has the word ‘chicken style’, note the attached ingredients.
If you are strapped for time, there are two available that are not too bad. Woolworth’s Free Range and Momo’s Free Range Chicken, although be warned to be prepared to pay for water. 🙂

I also wanted to say that the diagram above is just those at the Healthy Mumma’s, and is unsolicited or endorsed.

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