Healthy Mumma Movement

Welcome to the Healthy Mumma Movement. Formed by a real Mumma, sick of feeling tired, sick of migraines, sick of the reflection in the mirror. It was a realisation that no pill or shake would fix twenty years of just getting by. The journey was in search for real health, while living a sustainable, happy life and surrounding yourself with supportive people and love. It was the discovery of whole foods, preservative and chemical free with a changed attitude to food. Losing weight was one result, however the real win was the mindset of happiness. Join other Mum’s who are both inspiring and supportive through our social media. Make the change for a lifetime of health and happiness! Sammie xo

This is the description of our closed Facebook Group. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, we would love to hear from you.  Welcome to ‘The Healthy Mumma Movement’ – a place to share, connect and support other mums. We are about feeding ourselves with real food that nourish our bodies, mind and spirit. It is about surrounding ourselves with like-mind people, who are positive, eager to learn and embrace new ideas. A positive platform for passionate women, who love their families, enjoy eating, preparing food and being active. It is the understanding that we are ALL human and that we are not perfect and being able to laugh at ourselves. It is a holistic way of living and enjoying life and learning to trust in your own voice and having the courage to use it. Please feel free to ask questions, share ideas and respect each other. No question is too silly, no recipe too simple. Share, engage, collaborate, embrace and support each other. Just be you, we want to hear it all. x Sammie

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